We are a multidisciplinary design practice based in Hamburg, Germany and London, UK.
We explore past, recent and future technologies through design and develop alternative realities on how we might live.

How we work

Thinking by making.

We believe in thinking by making as a key principle to create fresh concepts and compelling virtual and physical experiences.

We have a wide range of experience with a high skill-set in UI and UX projects. Many of them are not only acclaimed in existing platforms such as iOS and Android, but also in a field where information technology fuses with robots, drones or spaces.

These complex projects require unique methods, that enable us to prove that the idea is technically possible and to better understand the impact it will have:

Rapid prototyping.

By rapidly prototyping the idea, we are able to have quick results on hand to gain evidence of the idea´s value.

We use various programming languages, electronics, software-hardware-prototyping, graphics and animations to support brands, agencies, startups, companies and institutions from generating ideas to concepts to user experience to production.


We develop speculative scenarios for future designs and their implications. By reflecting and analyzing these, we gain deep insights and spot benefits for todays products and services.

Portrait of Philipp Ronnenberg

Philipp Ronnenberg

Philipp is a computer scientist and design graduate of London´s Royal College of Art.

He is passionate about democratizing technology, open-source phenomena, making-hacking culture and digital protest.

Philipp is researching and prototyping concepts for future interactive systems, applications and products in alternative realities and on the intersection between reality and speculation.

He studied Computer Science at the University of Bremen, Digital Media at University of Arts, Bremen and Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, London.

Currently, Philipp is happy to give lectures at Hafencity Universität and Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften in Hamburg.

He founded OpenPS.info and is proud of IoTAcademy.org


Jun 2017 “Water Futures”, Exhibition, A/D/O - MINI, New York, USA
May 2018 “Polytech Science Festival”, Exhibition, Polytech Science Museum, Moskau, RU
Apr 2018 “Robot Zoo”, Exhibition, MIT museum, Cambridge Science Festival, Cambridge MA, USA
Mar 2018 “Place by Design”, Exhibition, SXSW Festival, Austin TX, USA
Jan 2018 “Lates”, Exhibition, Science Museum London, London, UK
Okt 2017 “Every Last Drop”, Exhibition, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK
Sep 2017 “Water”, Exhibition, Copeland Gallery, London Design Festival, London, UK
Sep 2015 “Reeperbahn Festival”, Exhibition, Hamburg, DE
Okt 2014 “Databit Festival”, Exhibition, Arles, FR
Sep 2014 “Reeperbahn Festival”, Exhibition, Interactive Installation, Hamburg, DE
Jan 2014 “Transmediale afterglow”, Exhibition, Berlin, DE
Oct 2013 “Abandon Normal Devices Festival”, Exhibition, Liverpool, UK
Jun 2013 “SHOW RCA”, Exhibition, Lower Gulbenkian Gallery, Royal College of Art, London, UK
Apr 2013 “hybridcity2”, Exhibition, Museum for contemporary art, Athens, GR
Jan 2013 “RCA W.I.P. Show 2013”, Exhibition, Lower Gulbenkian Gallery, College of Art, London, UK
Jan 2012 “GRIST! RCA W.I.P. Show 2012”, Exhibition, College of Art, London, UK
Dec 2011 “Occupy”, Exhibition, British Library, London, UK

Teaching and Workshops

Mar 2018 HAW Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg, Hamburg, DE - Lehrauftrag an der Fakultät Design, Medien, Information
Apr 2017 Master Seminar “Systems Symposium” - Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK
Mar 2017 Hackathon “Sprachinterfaces und künstliche Intelligenz”, Volkswagen & SinnerSchrader, Hamburg, DE
Nov 2016 Bachelor Seminar “Sci-Fi Gadgets” - University of Applied Sciences Europe, Hamburg, DE
Sep 2016 Workshop “Designing Machines - Artificial Intelligence and Design”, next Conference, Hamburg, DE
Jun 2016 Workshop “New Normal Interfaces”, LA RED, Hamburg, DE
Jan 2016 - Jul 2016 Innovation- und Experimental Design Lehrgang, SinnerSchrader, Hamburg, DE


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