Founded in 2016, is a design innovation studio based in Hamburg, Germany and London, UK. We are gurus in experience-, concept- and digital product design. We worked with leading international businesses and institutions across industries including retail, transportation, consumer products, technology, media and finance.

We are driven by a passion for new and unconventional paths to answer and raise business, cultural and social questions. Working interdisciplinary is key to fill the gap between physical - conceptual, virtual - real, design - engineering and therefor translate complex ideas into relevant concepts, digital products and fascinating consumer experiences.

Designing and Implementing Digital Products, Software and Services

We are keen on developing and designing new products. New products may range from software, services or hardware. We provide design, prototypes and strategies for digital products ranging from robots to mobile apps. We guide our clients through the complex landscape of today’s digital products and services.

Research & Development, Experimental Design

We support clients’ to transport their visions from today into the future. Therefor we apply forecast research and develop experimental ideas. By combining observations, imagination and rational thinking we provide tangible futuristic concepts.

Thinking by making.

We believe in thinking by making as a key principle to create fresh concepts and compelling virtual and physical experiences. We have a wide range of experience with a high skill-set in UI and UX projects. Many of them are not only acclaimed in existing platforms such as iOS and Android, but also in a field where information technology fuses with robots, drones or spaces. These complex projects require unique methods, that enable us to prove that the idea is technically possible and to better understand the impact it will have:

Rapid prototyping.

By rapidly prototyping the idea, we are able to have quick results on hand to gain evidence of the idea´s value. We use various programming languages, electronics, software-hardware-prototyping, graphics and animations to support brands, agencies, startups, companies and institutions from generating ideas to concepts to user experience to production.


We develop speculative scenarios for future designs and their implications. By reflecting and analyzing these, we gain deep insights and spot benefits for todays products and services.

Our Team