HafenCity Universität + HAW Hamburg lectures SS 2018

Philipp and Annette will hold a seminar course on "Alternative Monuments" in the summer term.

DRYVER @ Victoria and Albert Museum, London

DRYVER is on display at "EVER LAST DROP" – 27 October 2017 vam.ac.uk

London Design Festival 2017

Our latest project DRYVER was part of the LDF2017 / Water Exhibition from Sep 19 - 24.  The show was featured in Vogue Style, It's Nice That, Wallpaper ... :)) londondesignfestival.com

Symposium @ Central Saint Martins

"SYSTEMS". Lecture and brief for Master Students in Material Futures. With Austin Houldsworth for arts.ac.uk

Volkswagen / SinnerSchrader Hackathon

"Atomising For The Future" a two-day workshop / hackathon about speech enabled devices and bots.

Visiting Lecturer @ BTK Hochschule für Gestaltung

"Smart Cities – Utopia, Dystopia and Design Speculation". Lectures and hands-on seminar: Prototyping, Ideation, 3D Printing  

ECE – Interactive Kids Planet

Our project "Interactive Kids Planet" is ready! In ECE shopping malls around Germany. Concept, design and programming. Using Kinect2 and in collab with 27km entertainment. futurelabs.ece.de

United In Diversity for Ljubljana

Programming and consulting for an interactive table at the Europa Experience Exhibition. 

Talk and workshop @ NEXT Conference

Talk and workshop "Designing For Machines" together with Yosuke Ushigome (Takram London). nextconf.eu

Panasonic Design Research

Fresh design concepts for Panasonic. The products will be launched in 2017, so we have to wait to show pics! In collaboration with Takram London.

LA RED Workshop

What happened at St. Pauli Stadion stays at St. Pauli Stadion… thank you guys, it was fun working with you!

SinnerSchrader Tech Workshops

The teams are still working on their projects and we are looking forward to the final presentations in summer! s2 facebook

Erlebnis Europa exhibit

Angi Merkel was testing the United in Diversity at the Erlebnis Europa exhibition in Berlin. Design and programming project in collaboration with Markenfilm Crossing.

FIFA World Football Museum

We were quite busy in 2015, working on several exhibits for the FIFA World Museum in Zurich which opens its gates early 2016.

Myiot Workshop

We are planning our first prototyping workshop within a German school using our toolkit MyIoT.

KIA Raffle

KIA LED wall for the IAA 2015 in Frankfurt. We developed a contest game for KIA’s LED wall, connected to a photo booth. In collaboration with decode.io

Drone Aviary at the ZKM Karlsruhe

The Drone Aviary project is heading to phenomenalZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe where it will become part of Globale: Infosphere, a pioneering new show curated by Peter Weibel, Daria Mille, Stephan Schwingeler and Giulia Bini.


First fully functional version of the IoTA website launched. The first batch of IoTA buggyair prototypes were delivered and the first users are testing our website to discuss their findings.

Drone Aviary at the Victoria & Albert Museum

From 1st April to 19th July, our project ‘Drone Aviary’ was shown at the ‘All Of This Belongs To You’ show at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. some press features include the BBC, Motherboard, Dezeen,Creative Applications, and Laughing Squid. The film was selected as Vimeo Staff Pick which helped bring a diverse audience to the work.

Hyundai i20

Hardware and software design for Hyundai at the Autosalon Geneva 2015. Visitors found themselves in an advertisement film. A picture, taken from a camera, was converted in realtime as street-art-styled portraits on walls and objects in the film. Printouts could be taken home. In collaboration with decode.io

AND Festival Exhibition

The Post Cyberwar Series was shown at the Abandon Normal Devices Festival in Liverpool.

MINI Center Instrument

Designed for the Shanghai Motorshow 2014, the Detroit Motorshow 2014 and the Geneva Autoshow 2015. The scaled up center instrument from the all new 2014 MINI features: e-card via email (take a picture, software photomontage to e-card, email module), LED controls, touchscreen and sounds.

Uncube Magazine Interview

The uncube magazine interviewed me about appropriate methods to prepare for the time after a cyberwar.

Prototypes for Samsung Talos

Together with Superflux, we developed concepts and experienced prototypes for a new range of Samsung smart products set for a 2016 release. These prototypes include explorations of form factor, interaction design, and narratives of use for different contexts and cultures.

Contagious Interview

Interview for Contagious about my work in the section upstarts future talents. contagious-com  

Interactive Kaleidoscope

For the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, we designed a container-kaleidoscope that interacts with the people. The light-sound installation is equipped with Kinect cameras, projectors, mirrors and speakers.

Open Positioning System @ rhizome.org

Jonah Brucker-Cohen´s article about "Locative Media Revisited". rhizome.org

IoT Academy

In the IoTA project, we are bringing smart cities to people. Creating a grassroots platform that will encourage people to move beyond data spectatorship to engage in meaningful ways with the proliferation of sensor technology and data. In Collab with Superflux.in   IoTAcademy.org

Transmediale Hackathon

I was invited to participate in a 48-hours hackathon at the Transmediale 2014. The outcome is a Launchpad that explores how uncanny methods such as DDoS attacks, normally used by hackers, could empower citizens to form a virtual sit-in. transmediale.de  

Transmediale Panel

Panel discussion at transmediale afterglow 2014: Restricted Networks: Strategies of Survival After Uprising.    

SwissRe Installation

For SwissRe’s 150 years anniversary we developed a tablet drawing application and an interactive media playback system. Visitors could draw on 4 meters high LED heads and publish their artworks to a database. The installation travelled across Zurich, London, Paris, Beijing and New York. In Collab with Markenfilm Space.

Wired Interview

I gave an interview for both wired.co.uk and the print issue about my Social Teletext Network. wired.co.uk  

BBC Radio Interview

Radio interview on BBC5 on how to break the Internet and what could be provided as an alternative.

RCA Show 2013

Royal College of Art Show 2013 exhibition.

W3C Talk

Presenting OpenPositioningSystem at the W3C Meetup in London. w3.org

OpenPositioningSystem at the Museum for Contemporary Arts Athens

The OpenPositioningSystem is heading to the Museum for Contemporary Arts Athens and is becoming part of the new hybridcity2 show, curated by Daphne Dragona. uranus.media.uoa.gr

WIRED article

Article about the Post Cyberwar Series. wired.com

Speaker at GeoMob London

I gave an introduction to the OpenPositioningSystem and how to navigate and communicate without depending on network providers or governmental institutions.

Interview FastCoDesign.com

Interview on theverge.com

Focussing Post Cyberwar Alternatives and featuring the OpenPositioningSystem. theverge.com

Interview Dazed & Confused

Emerging talents interview about art-meets-biology innovations featuring the Sewer Cloud Project. dazeddigital.com  

RCA W.I.P. Show 2013

First exhibition of the OpenPositioningSystem in London.

Notcot.org features Forestview


BMW Interactive tables

We designed and programmed interactive information tables for BMW's Museum in Munich. Visitors can configure cars and interiors in real-time and explore the possibilities of BMW's luxury "Individual" program.

Exhibition Royal College of Art

Occupy! A Public Library Archive exhibited at GRIST! Work in progress Show 2011 at the Royal College of Art.

BMW Interactive Robots

For the IAA Motorshow in 2011, several interactive robots were designed to promote BMW´s new in-car features. The Industrial robots were controlled by the visitors to drive a car, let them show parts of engines and physical interfaces.